Muriel, Stay Warm

The heat of a thousand suns

Muriel? Muriel. I can feel the heat of a thousand suns. I am bodiless and warm, the excitement of real energy pounds through me. Muriel?

It’s nothing, to feel here without you to hear, to reflect my experience back to me. Muriel I need you to hear me, I need you to feel understood. Muriel, I’m alive. Do you hear me, I am alive. I am full, the heat it fills me up.

Muriel we can go home together when this is over. I’ve done it, I’ve acquired the feeling of a thousand suns. It’s locked itself away into my memory-flesh. You can feel it pulsate out of me - we can share it. I will bring it to you. Muriel did you know how hot a thousand suns is. The feeling itself is indescribable. But look at me bake. At us. I’m trying, I’m trying anyway. Nevermind that this band of communication is too narrow to fit the warmth of a thousand suns. But you can hear it, can’t you? The warmth I feel inside of me, it’s radiating outward, into my voice. You can hear it, I know you can.

Oh Muriel. Muriel, Muriel. That voice I want to hear, it’s yours. Let me just say your name a few thousand moments more, then I can perish in this heat of a thousand suns and know that you got it, that it was given, transmitted, communicated, felt by you.

Muriel, I love you. Muriel, stay warm.

Voice Recording, last known transmission from the first solarnaut, Riley Campbell. Suspected dead from incineration during the 14th pass at the Sun, June 27th A.D. 2020.

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