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The Distance from God, or DfG, is a psychological constant. It was discovered by Benjamin Jaspers on August 16, 2020. It is the first quantifiable divine measurement.

The constant has two expressions across humanity: 60% are in the F-type group. F-types experience the distance as an emotional reality. 40% are in the T-type group. T-types experience the distance as a philosophical quandary.

It is estimated that 0.005% of the population do not experience the Distance from God as a constant.


The Distance from God (F-type) was first calculated by Benjamin Jaspers [stub], and released to the world via a whitepaper titled “Distance from God: A Divine Calculation of our Present Being”. The paper was first published via the @bjaspers201923 Twitter account on August 16, 2020.

The post generated little notice and was considered a rank obscurity until the great Divinity reconvention in 2025. Holly Janekie’s lecture on the modern approaches to divinity studies pulled from Jasper’s work quite extensively, and is largely credited for bringing Jasper’s work to public consciousness.

Several sects of modern worship can trace their beginnings to the Divinity reconvention (the Jasperians, the jasperites, and j-ASP) as well as schools of philosophy e.g. the Modern Distance school of philosophy (currently homed at UChicago), also known as the Mods.

The ultimate inspiration of the revelation is the constant is unknown. Jaspers is thought to be a pseudonym — he was unable to be located at the time of the reconvention and subsequent popularization of his idea.


A DfG calculation for any individual is a non-constant, variation in their psychological distance from the enlightened state. The manner of its derivation varies with the determined base-type of the individual in question.

Types are considered fixed and do not flip, with the exception of Non-Type individuals, which are considered a joint F- and T-type expression.

The F/T typology is directly linked to the third Myers-Briggs Type Indicator preference, you can find your type by taking a MBTI test.


The current DfG of an F-type individual can be found by taking the Emotional Rosearch Test Battery (ERTB). The Rosearch Test Battery requires an EKG machine and the appropriate stimuli setup, and is often administered at a local hospital.

There is some controversy as to the length of time that an F-type reading is valid for. Purported values are between ten minutes and 15 days.

F-type religious sects are the jasperites and j-ASPs.

60% of the population is an F-type.


The current DfG of a T-type individual is calculated by the Trivetch test. The Trivetch requires an MRI machine and the appropriate reading setup, it is often administered at outpatient clinics and is less invasive than the F-Type Emotional Rosearch Test Battery.

Generally, a T-type DfG score is valid for life, or unless the individual experiences a Divine Revelation, at which point the individual will typically re-test.

T-type religious sect is the Jasperites and the Mods.

40% of the population is a T-type.


Approximately 0.005% of the population is neither F nor T-type. These individuals have an average DfG constant of zero. Colloquially, non-types are also referred to as zeros. The Trivetch test and the ERTB will produce identical results for these individuals.

Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama Buddha are considered historical zeroes.

There is some scant evidence which shows that most non-types are converted T-types, however most F-type sects, notably the j-ASPs, reject this claim.


While the Distance from God is now a medically calculable number, much controversy still remains about the holy impact of a DfG reading. The brutal massacre of 2026 following the mass application of the DfG to all university students in Israel led to the banning of DfG measurement in secular contexts in the United States of America and most other Western countries.

T-Type Existence

The jasperian faith denies the existence of a legitimate T-type expression of the DfG. T-types are barred from entering the jasperian houses of worship and minimize business and social contact with confirmed or suspected T-type individuals.

The j-ASPs are considered T agnostics. T-types are permitted to participate in the lower levels of j-ASP religious rituals, however they’re barred from entering the j-ASP seminary or priesthood.

DfG Monitoring

As of this writing, several early-stage startups are working to create 24/7 Distance from God measuring devices.

F-type startups:

  • Merimerkle, heart implant with paired smart watch app. Launch anticipated in 2030 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Jasper, nightly blood testing kit and simulation environment. Pre-funding. Based in Montreal, Canada.

T-type startups:

  • Torahtorah, mobile headband and smart phone diagnostic test. Launched late last year in San Francisco and San Diego, California.

  • J, stealth mode startup with mail in saliva test. Launch anticipated in June of next year. Headquarted in Taipei.

See also: the Meritocratic measure, holy half-life.

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